The YMCA of Portage Township invites you to get involve and help us help those in need. Whether you are interested in educating our youth to build up their confidence or keep them safe, we provide plenty of opportunities for people of the community to join us.

Get Involved

As the top leading non-profit organization in the nation, we work to provide improvements and awareness in youth development, social responsibility, healthy living, and more. The YMCA works within the community to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to join us and thrive – no matter their age, background or income.


We invite you to join us and become a part of the team as we aim to strengthen the community and commit ourselves to helping our children grow, learn, and thrive.


We run the YMCA through donations and financial resources needed to help influence the potential of our children, give back and support our community, and the health and well-being of the nation.


We encourage others to help us address the most pressing issues in the community and create a positive environment.

To complete your work, we rely on the support of our members, volunteers, donors, and leaders of the Portage community. When you become involved with us, you will bring a lasting change in the community. Whether you plant to help nurture the potential of children, improve the health and wellness of your family, or simply support your neighbors, it is our involvement that will play a positive role within the community.