5 Ways the YMCA Strengthens the Wellness of the Community

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, working out is a major part of it. That is where the YMCA come in. The YMCA helps promote wellness and an active lifestyle for the community in more ways than one.

Here are five ways the YMCA strengthens the wellness of the community.

The YMCA membership also includes a ton of Fitness Classes

From yoga to weight-training and barre, the YMCA gym membership provides a variety of classes to keep you motivated to get in shape. People can do the same exercises and treadmill so many times before they get bored.

The YMCA Offers Affordable Membership

The membership at the Y is shown and proven to be less costly that if you were to pay at your gym. A membership is around $40 a month, which is nearly half than the average gym.

The YMCA is More Than a Gym

The YMCA also offers a culinary studio to promote healthy cooking. As proper nutrition and fitness goes hand in hand, overall health starts with the body’s healthy diet. The YMCA offers a ton of cooking and nutrition classes as well as tips on how to cook on any budget.

The YMCA also Includes Child Care

There is also a child watch club program where children can be watching while their guardians grab in a workout routine. This provides special benefits for families who are looking to improve their health but have little to no means of child care.

Involvement with the Community

The best part of the YMCA is how involved they are with the improvement the community. The organization aims to address the needs of the community to ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to grow and learn. There is also financial support that is used to help families and individuals in need to participate in their programs.

Have you joined the YMCA? What are your experiences? Comment below and tell us your story?


5 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer At the YMCA

One of the best reasons why anyone should volunteer is to become a member of the community. Not only will you meet new people and build new friends, but you will also help your community grow.

For many people, volunteering at the YCMA is often based on the values and resources of the organization. As not every organization is able to provide an extensive program, the YMCA helps to build collaborative networks.

Here are five reasons why you should volunteer at the YMCA.

You Will Gain a Forever Family

Once you volunteer at the Y, you will then become part of the YMCA family. With your time as a volunteer, the YMCA will be there waiting for you to join them with open arms.

Volunteers Will Impact the Lives of Many

Believe it or not – volunteers make a strong impact in the communities they work with. this selfless act will single-handedly change the lives of others. Whether it is through mentoring a child to the right path or coaching a team to get better, volunteers will change the lives of many – even if it is a single person.

You Will Even Change Your Own Life

There are a ton of opportunities to volunteer at the YMCA. Whether you’re into coaching a sport, joining the annual campaign, becoming a community mentor, or even a swimming instructor, there are plenty of ways to volunteer.

Improve Your Health

Did you know that there are actual health benefits to volunteering? You can lower your mortality rate, increase functional ability, and lower the risk of depression.

Build a Network

Not only will volunteering boost your resume, it will also help you to build better connections. Donating your time and skills will help you further your leadership and teach you valuable skills that will help you improve.

If you believe in the mission statement of the YMCA, why not sign up and make a difference now? Have you volunteered at the YMCA before? What are your experiences? Comment below and share your story with us!